Monday, May 11, 2015

A New Start

It's been a long time. And this is awkward! Hahaha like seriously i don't know how to start this. Well i'm going to post this anyway.
How's my result? Not that good but i'm thankful though. I've done my best.
How's yours? No matter what your result is, make sure you're thankful for it.
If it's not that good, then let's try harder this year. Just don't give up. There's always a way. Always believe in yourself, and Allah.
If it's good, then keep it up. Most importantly, don't look down on others just because you're better than them.
I got an offer from UPM to further my studies in Asasi Sains Pertanian.
Alhamdulillah, that's my first choice. And my mom's choice.
Actually i got an offer from Matrikulasi Selangor too but i refused to go there lol idk why but i'm not interested in matriks at all.
Talking about sains pertanian, i was kind of excited when i looked up on the internet, and i find the activities are interesting. Maybe because i love being in nature or whatever but i'm excited for it. Can't wait!
Here comes my concern. I'm used to being alone that i'm kind of scared at the thought of living with some strangers.
I'm annoying (yes i admit it) so i'm afraid she's going to get sick of me. I hope no.
And i really hope she's talkative like me. You know how awkward it can be if i'm the one who's talking all the time. Sadlyfe i know. 
Pray for meeeeee!

Aloha, zulaikhanurputri ♥