Friday, June 10, 2016


Yup, i speak in english a lot, in this blog and in twitter too.
It all started with twitter when suddenly a few years ago i've got some friends from overseas.
They're not Malay, of course.
How i got to know them, through social networks. Most of them are from the same fanbase as me. What is fanbase? Hmmm you can say a fan club.
Talking about english, yup i'm not that good at it. Like i often make some mistakes and all that.
But honey, all that matters is people understand what you're trying to say.
It's not even your first language. But learning to strengthen your english is important too.
I know a lot of people are scared of speaking in english because they're scared of being laughed at when they make mistakes. I really wish they don't. Be brave and speak whatever you want to speak.
But remember! Don't ignore or get mad when people's trying to correct your grammar or english.
I've so many people like this in my life. I mean, when i tried to correct them, they'll get mad at me and ignore me. Nowadays i don't feel like correcting people anymore. I know it's wrong but it hurts, you know.
You're trying to do a good thing but then people get mad at you.
So i really hope you're not one of them. Try to accept it with a big open heart.
You can even learn new language if you want to, other than english.
Well for me, i'm learning a bit of korean language as it'll be easier for me to watch korean videos without the english subtitles because waiting for people to make the subtitles for the videos can be tiring sometimes.
Back to the topic, don't be scared to use english and learn new things.
It might help you in the future though. I'm always rooting for you. Never give up guys! 
"Bahasa Melayu dimartabat, Inggeris diperkasa."

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MGP '16

I miss this so much! MGP stands for Malam Gemilang Putra. This picture is a picture of me, my duet partner and the band for the dinner. Gotta say the biggest performance i've ever done and yes, it was exciting yet full of challenges.
So i performed two times. The first performance is with the guy wearing spectacles, named Barber. Not his real name of course. And the second one is with the girl named Annis.
It was hard for me because that girl was so good at expressing the song through her face and yes she's confident with her voice. And i'm the opposite of her.
Can you understand how burdening it was for me?!
Hahahaha whatever it was all in the past anyway and Alhamdulillah i didn't get any critics after the performance. But i did get emotional during practice a few times.

The second performance was with this band. Yup, there were two bands. I don't really interact with these guys cause it was awkward. Annis was closer with these guys rather than the other band while i feel closer to the other band.

Last but not least, my roommates. From left, Karina, Raihan, Shahirah and me. Aainaa's missing.
Thanks girls for waking me up every morning, afternoon, evening. Till we meet again next time.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dream Job

People often asked us when we're younger,
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
For me, an actress. Why?
Because actor and actress can experience living as someone else. Even if it's just for a short of time, they can live all sorts of life.
Of course, my ambition now has changed.
But until now, whenever i look at those actor and actress, i can't help it but to feel envious of them.
I know it might be hard for them since to act well is not that easy. But i think that's actually the best part.
When the dramas and movies came out, and people are satisfied with your acting.
I think that would be the best feeling ever. Well at least that's what i think as a viewer.
Whenever i watch a drama and fully immersed in it, i could imagine how proud i must be when my hard work finally paid off.
Well the purpose i'm writing this is because in life, there must be a dream job for everyone. A job which you wish you can do. But like me, there are times when those dream can only be a dream as we need to face reality.
I can't act. Speaking the truth right here. So a job as an actress will always be a dream for me.
But don't think that you can't find another job that you can enjoy doing it.
Cause honey, it's all about your mind.
Sometimes there are things that we need to let go in life.
No matter what, you need to live your life. A reminder to myself too. Till the next post.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥


Holla! Yeah i know it's been a long long long long time. Okay tu over.
Anyway, i've been told several times by different peeps to update this blog.
Too lazy and too busy though.
And i don't have any idea on what to write anyway. Sooooooooo i've decided to write about what women want.
I know this for sure. Girls or women are complicated no matter how you try to change them. That's our nature. So here in this post, i'd like to say thanks to all those guys out there who are being able to put up with us, girls.
Yesterday i watched Ps. I Love You and yes that's one of the best movie i've ever watch. Even if the ending is kind of disappointing. I watched it because my boyfriend told me to. Yup guys, i have one. After five years. Don't be too shocked.
But anyway, i know he told me to watch this movie so that i know everything that he says is for a better relationship and he probably he wanted to say that i'm similar to the girl hahahaha i can be quite stubborn like her.
I can see that but somehow i like how the guy in that movie understands his wife more than anyone else. He knows exactly what she would do everytime something happens. Gotta praise a guy like that. And i like how despite every fights they're having, they always reconcile. The end.
What women wants? Sometimes bro, women wants nothing other than your attention. That's it.
If you ever get tired of  persuading them or giving them attention, then just leave them bro.
Find a hoe who never cares about you.
Take it or leave it. That's the only way. That's it from me.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥