Friday, July 29, 2016

Grateful things

Hey yo ssup everyone (who am i kidding there's no one here) lol
So, i've been forcing myself to update my blog since a friend of mine is bored and she doesn't know what to do so she told me to update my blog so that she can read it so here i am.
For the past few days, i've been thinking of what have i been doing all my life and things that i'm grateful in my life.
Firstly, i am soooo grateful that i'm still alive today. Cause you know what, i've been in the depression stage a few years ago and it's so serious that i even think of self harm but no i'm still doing good and i am grateful for that. Thanks to that, my arms are still free of any scars.
But honey, if you ever think of doing it, think again. Think about how to change your life, into something better. I know it's hard, but believe me, things will get better if you work for it.
What did i do? I came out of my room, i ate my favourite foods, i listened to songs, i watched motivational videos, i spent time with my siblings, being with my friends, and that somehow changed me into someone better. I'm not that girl who likes to isolate herself from everyone anymore.
In fact, i'm grateful that i'm so friendly right now that i can even talk to strangers. Yes, i talk to strangers like "hey where are you going?" and yeah, i became a brave person.
Another thing i'm grateful for is my sporting parents. I tend to spend time with my friends a lot so yeah, i go out a lot. If you know me, then you might know that i've so many guy friends, and i tend to go out with them most of the times cause most of my girl friends can't really go out like me. How did i get my mom's trust? I let her know every single friends that i have and i don't lie whenever i wanna go out with them. I know some girls may lie to their parents when they're going out with guys and no that's not a good idea. You must tell them the truth.
At least they'll know that you're being honest with them. If they don't give their permissions, then it's okay. It's not like my mom gives me permission to go out every single time. One day they'll realize that you're big enough to go out with guys. Our parents love us in different ways.
All my life, i've been knowing so many different types of people and i'm so thankful for that too. I don't choose my friends, so i've so many friends with different lifestyles. I've a friend who's a dancer, a friend who's a photographer, even a friend with a drug addiction. And by friends, it could be someone who's older than me, same age as me, or someone who's younger than me. I got this phrase a lot, "zu knows everyone" hahaha and i'm actually happy to hear that. It just shows how flexible i am to befriend with many people. And you know what, because of that, i tend to not judge people a lot (i'm not saying i'm a saint by not judging people at all, but i tend to do that less)
Here's another thing that i am truuuuly happy that i've been through which is; travelling alone.
Okay it's not really traveling alone because i've got my cousin in Japan to take care of me, but i rode an airplane to Japan all by myself when i was 14 years old. I can't even believe it myself but yeah, i did it. But before that i am used to go to my hometown by bus alone and everything so it's not really that weird i guess?
You should try it one day, guys. Riding an airplane all by yourself, getting to know strangers and giving yourself some time alone. The person next to my seat was a teacher from Australia, going to Japan to celebrate Christmas. She's so beautiful. It's nice knowing her but i forgot her name. I even got a selfie with her. During my time in Japan, i got to know many friends of my cousin, and they're so cool for treating me good like their own sister.
Something that i think everyone should be thankful for is; knowing every single person in your life. Be it your friends, ex boyfriend, or your enemies. Every each of them taught you something in life.
What is that? You've to figure it out on your own.
Last but not least, i know some people tend to think of me as someone that's wild, aka liar cause i go out with guys, i go out at nights, but dear, i'm still grateful i never step my feet at a club, or drink alcohols and even smoke, cause i won't let my parents disappointed with the freedom that they've given to me.
If you've done it, then you can repent now, it's okay. Better late than never. But that's not an excuse for you to do it more. Cause i know some of you'll be like "Oh better late than never? Then i'll do it next month. No you know that's not what i mean. Change now. You can do this.
I've decided to be more thankful for everything in my life, and appreciate people even more. I really hope i can get rid of my negativity and live a positive life.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥