Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bucket List

I bet everyone has their own 'things to do before i die' or you can call it bucket list.
All this while i only think of it inside my head, but never wrote it down so this is my first time.
Maybe you have the same wish like me? Who knows if we can do it together huhu
  • Traveling with my mom and my bros. Now that my bros are big enough and can almost hahahahahaha i repeat, almost take care of themselves, i think it is time to go somewhere like maybe Indonesia with them. 
  • Backpacking with friends/strangers. I find it quite difficult to plan a holiday with my friends as most of them doesn't get much freedom as i get so i'm okay with backpacking with strangers. It sounds fun though. I mean, you know those backpacking club? Yeah, i can join them but let's talk about that later because i'm still trying my best to plan with my friends. I really want to at least once going on a holiday with them. Idc if they're married at that time. They can bring their kids along. 
  • Winter camping. With my future husband of course. I'd really like to do this once in my life. I mean, that's the best season like you can cuddle with your husband in the tent, sharing the warmth lol stahp dearself. But yeah, i like camping. And winter camping sounds fun so let's do that one day, future husband.
  • Hug my favourite animals. This is definitely one of the things i'd like to do since i was born lol exaggeration is okay with me, but anyway, i'd really like to hug panda, koala, kangaroo, and most importantly, tiger and lion. 
  • Being a volunteer at an animal shelter or zoo. I don't know if i'm qualified to do this but yeah, if i'm able to do it, i'd gladly say yes. 
  • Overcome my inferiority complex by taking a lot of pictures. It sounds pretty weird but it's real. I've quite a different nose from everyone else and i've been hating it since i was a kid. When i was a kid, i bumped into steering wheel or something i don't know but there's a reason to why my nose became like this. And my inferiority complex become worse when i have a severe acne problem. Since that day, i took less pictures, even during Hari Raya and mom got really sad seing me like that. I feel sorry for her. Now that my face is better, i'd take a lot of pictures with her, and be confident. And i'll try my best to lessen my nose shading and be confident about my nose either. I should be thankful to have a nose, right? InsyaAllah, i'll try.
  • Random street jamming. I like random things and this is one of them. Maybe i can just like singing with some random band on the street hahahaha idk. But i'd really like to do this one day.
For now, that's all i could think of. Let's pray so that i can fulfill this. If you've the same bucket list then maybe you can tell me and we can do it together. Till we meet again.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥