Friday, September 23, 2016

Degree Life

Never thought i'll update about this but then i got to.
Just like i expected, degree life is obviously going to be different from my foundation life. Even if it's at the same place. But then, i don't think i'll hate the change this much.
I mean, i know i'm going to meet and spend time with different people, but life is just too hard nowadays.
The people here are so...  you know, too nice.
Too nice it's hard for me to adjust myself.
I am not a nice person. I repeat, i am not a nice person.
My jokes are too harsh for these people. But it's not their faults anyway.
I'm just saying it's too hard for me. My close friends know how much i'm so straightforward in saying things like i am so mulut main lepas, i don't hide things behind people and things like that.
In other words, I'm used to being harsh and everything that's not nice.
Is this considered as culture shock? Lol i guess so.
And this including the seniors here. They're so kind and nice i don't think i'm nice enough to get close to them since i use harsh jokes towards my seniors as well, as a sign that i'm close with them.
P/s: i miss all the seniors in k13 though.
Like i said, the people around me in my degree life doesn't really mingle with guys while i cannot live my life without having guy friends. Lol that sounds so wrong but you know what i mean if you know me quite well.
I always get those weird looks from the girls whenever i'm talking to guys it's so uncomfortable ok.
Another thing that i'm trying to adjust myself to is living with only one roommate. Before this during my foundation, there are 6 people in one room. So this is kind of hard for me.
Another thing that's obviously different is how busy i am during my foundation life compared to degree.
At this new college of mine, i can't really participate in many things. Like they choose the ajk and everything randomly instead of who's interested to do it.
Meanwhile back in the day, they'll ask who's interested to do this and that's how i'm able to show myself and volunteered and everything.
And here's an interesting fact: i'm not singing anymore.
Well, it's not like i don't want, it's because i can't. This college ban girls from entering singing competition so i don't really know what am i going to do here cause like that's the only talent i have anyway.
I don't do sports, i don't dance, i don't act, so what am i supposed to do?
But still, i'm trying my best to get involved in many activities. 
Pray for me guys, pray for me. I don't know if i can really stand this.

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥