Friday, June 10, 2016


Yup, i speak in english a lot, in this blog and in twitter too.
It all started with twitter when suddenly a few years ago i've got some friends from overseas.
They're not Malay, of course.
How i got to know them, through social networks. Most of them are from the same fanbase as me. What is fanbase? Hmmm you can say a fan club.
Talking about english, yup i'm not that good at it. Like i often make some mistakes and all that.
But honey, all that matters is people understand what you're trying to say.
It's not even your first language. But learning to strengthen your english is important too.
I know a lot of people are scared of speaking in english because they're scared of being laughed at when they make mistakes. I really wish they don't. Be brave and speak whatever you want to speak.
But remember! Don't ignore or get mad when people's trying to correct your grammar or english.
I've so many people like this in my life. I mean, when i tried to correct them, they'll get mad at me and ignore me. Nowadays i don't feel like correcting people anymore. I know it's wrong but it hurts, you know.
You're trying to do a good thing but then people get mad at you.
So i really hope you're not one of them. Try to accept it with a big open heart.
You can even learn new language if you want to, other than english.
Well for me, i'm learning a bit of korean language as it'll be easier for me to watch korean videos without the english subtitles because waiting for people to make the subtitles for the videos can be tiring sometimes.
Back to the topic, don't be scared to use english and learn new things.
It might help you in the future though. I'm always rooting for you. Never give up guys! 
"Bahasa Melayu dimartabat, Inggeris diperkasa."

Assalamualaikum, zulaikhanurputri ♥